Carrier Accounts

You can create, modify, delete, and specify which shipping carriers you want to use via the Shippo API. This allows you to connect your shipping account to compare and purchase different Rates for each Shipment. Once you add your own account, you will get your negotiated rates from your carrier account.

You can also manually connect to carriers through the Carriers page of your Shippo Dashboard.

Default Carrier Accounts

You won’t need to sign up for a new carrier account to start testing or shipping on Shippo. By default, you have access to Shippo’s discounted master accounts for U.S. outbound shipments to retrieve shipping rates and purchase labels. If you want to use your own carrier account, continue this tutorial.

    "carrier": "fedex",
    "account_id": "321123", // FedEx account number
    "parameters": {
        "meter": "789987", // FedEx meter number
        "smartpost_id": "5902" // Smartpost hub id (optional)
  • FedEx1
  • FedEx2
  • FedEx3