FBS Fulfillment Service

One-stop logistics service specialized in global e-commerce

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What is FBS fulfillment service?

FBS (Fulfillment by Shopigate) is a fulfillment service of Shopigate, an integrated e-commerce platform.
Through SHIPGATE’s synchronization, we provide one-stop logistics services from inventory management,
ordering (picking/packing/release), and international shipping.

fulfillment fulfillment

Strengths of FBS fulfillment

Fulfillment optimized for E-commerce

One-stop processing of orders from shopping malls such as Shopify through SHIPGATE integration

Customized release processing

Ability to split,
combine orders and direct bulk release operations

Careful inventory management

Inventory management by expiration date and automatic first-in,
first-out during release are possible.

Intuitive inventory understanding through logistics visualization

Easily identify inventory through a dashboard that visualizes logistics data such as usage status and inventory.

Ultimate Choice for Seamless International Shipping!

Efficiently manage international orders and enhance delivery quality through ‘Shipgate’,
increasing customer satisfaction!
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