Customized logistics service for global sellers

If your business size and strategy are different,
the logistics services you need will also be different.
Easilyite provides a variety of options to provide optimized logistics services to customers.
We provide logistics consulting to help you make reasonable choices.

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Smarter logistics created by Shopigate,
which is an e-commerce professional brand

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Establishing Store

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Integrated logistics Services

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Global Marketing

Shopigate provides global store construction,
global marketing and logistics services, etc.
This is an e-commerce brand
that provides integrated solutions
for global sellers.

SHIPGATE created with Shopigate’s e-commerce know-how,
allows global sellers to handle sales and international shipping.
We support convenient functions and stable services
for easier management.

SHIPGATE : Empowering Growth Together.

SHIPGATE provides various options depending on the business scale to support customers’growth.
We provide optimized logistics services by supporting logistics consulting.

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Ultimate Choice for Seamless International Shipping!

Efficiently manage international orders and enhance delivery quality through ‘Shipgate’,
increasing customer satisfaction!
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