Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Greetings, welcome to SHIPGATE!

In regard to Personal Information Handling Policy, refer to the following.

As a user registers for service or product (appellatively, “The Service”) provided by SHIPGATE, generates and manages shipment (“Shipment”) by accessing ("The Website"), or receives Shipment, it is regarded that the User admits and confirms that the User has read and understood this policy and Information Collecting and Handling Method.

By using or accessing The Service in any means or method, it is understood that you have accepted custom and policy described in this Personal Information Handling Policy.

SHIPGATE holds the right to occasionally update and modify this policy.
If there is any revision of Personal Information Handling Policy, the revision will be posted on The Website (, and notification will be given through e-mail or individual notification.

Purpose of Collecting

To access features SHIPGATE Website and Service provides, the User may have to provide one’s personal information.

To provide information requested by The Website or not is an autonomous decision of the User.

However, if you refuse to provide certain information and data, The Company may fail in providing certain service, and therefore your use of The Website and Service could be limited.

Purposes of information collecting are as follows, including but not limited to:

1. Management of Services provided for the User
2. Service call, inquiry, handling request and complain, and follow-up measures
3. Provision of service information, and marketing and promotion material to the User
4. Allowance for the User to register as a member of The Website
5. Administrative notification regarding account with persisted management and contact to the User for communication purpose
6. Processing and analysis of collected statistics regarding use of Website and SHIPGATE’s Service

Collecting of Sender’s Personal Information and Collecting Occasion

The sender is a user, and individual or company with authority to access the User’s account, and in general, it refers to all users who send items through SHIPGATE’s Services.

To facilitate provision of service, The Company collects personal information from the sender, as follows.

1. First and last names
2. Company name
3. Contact
4. E-mail address
5. Billing address and physical address for pickup
6. Account information and details regarding credit card or PayPal

If you are the sender in SHIPGATE Service, SHIPGATE collects data regarding your browser and device, your IP address, network connection, and date and time of visit to our Website. This information is used to improve our Service and provide relevant information on your account.
We always collect abovementioned information whenever you register for The Service, access The Service, activate our Service at our partner’s website, and update your personal information on your SHIPGATE account.

Collecting of Recipient’s Personal Information and Collecting Occasion

SHIPGATE collects personal information regarding the recipient, as follows.

1. First and last names
2. Company name
3. Contact
4. E-mail address
5. Actual address

To provide our Services including, but not limited to, shipment carrier and insurance company, The Company may share abovementioned information with third party companies The Company use to provide its Service, to guarantee that the shipment is accurately delivered to the recipient in a right time.
Also, The Company contact the recipient through abovementioned information, to inform the recipient of shipment information (that is, tracking number, carrier, and delivery status update) and maintain such status, and provide any information which would let The Company acquire feedback on shipment service and facilitate The Service and delivery of Shipment.

Recipient information above can be collected from the sender when a Shipment is being booked, customer of our partner send Shipment through our Service, or the recipient of the Shipment contact The Company to modify delivery details.

Collecting of Partner’s Personal Information and Collecting Occasion

Partner of SHIPGATE is individual or company that collaborates with The Company, by agreeing upon Terms of Service at The Company’s Website,, and participating in the partner program.

1. Promotes and provides SHIPGATE Service to customers, users, and any other in general.
2. Recommends SHIPGATE to customers.
3. Provides services to customers on each platform, in integration with The Company’s Website.
4. Is capable of developing applications through SHIPGATE API.

SHIPGATE collects the following information from partner and its customers.

1. First and last names
2. Company name
3. Contact
4. E-mail address
5. Billing address and physical address for pickup
6. Account information and details regarding credit card or PayPal

Cookie and Other Tracking Techniques

Unless user’s information is explicitly demanded, personally identifiable information is not collected while you are visiting and browsing The Website.
The Website records the User’s visit, domain name, and server address, and tracks the User visits. That information is stored as “Cookie”.
SHIPGATE provides better services across multiple pages in one or more sessions, and preserves and manages the User information.
Cookie is used to collect and store information including IP address, browser type, reference/end page, operating system, date/time stamp, and click stream data in log file. This process does not affect the User’s Website use.

By SHIPGATE Service, user may read and edit information through which the User is identified online.
User has the right of choice upon cookie, marketing communication, and other tracking techniques.

1. You may raise claim for access, update, modification, and deletion of provided personal information.
2. You may select marketing communication information provided by The Company.
3. User always can restrict cookie at browser setting.

Installation/Management, and Rejection of Cookie

You may enable installation of cookie as follows (as for Internet Explorer).

1. Select [Tools] menu, and then select [Internet Options].
2. Select [Privacy] tab.
3. Set [Settings] section.

Handling and Holding Period of Personal Information

Basically, when the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved, the concerned information is disposed immediately. However, in regard to the following information, personal information is stored in even after the member withdrawal from SHIPGATE Service, in order to provide better service and prevent dishonest use of service.

1. Information on sender, recipient, and partner is stored for one (1) year, in order to prevent confusion in Service use, dishonest and toxic use of Service, and rejoin of dishonest/toxic user.

2. Under regulations of relevant legal provisions including Commercial Act, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., and Basic Act for Nation Taxes, ledgers and proving documents regarding all transactions defined under tax laws are stored for 5 years.

3. Under regulations of relevant legal provisions including Commercial Act, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., and Basic Act for Nation Taxes, records regarding consumer complaint or dispute settlement are stored for 3 years.

Prohibition of Use of Personal Information

We will never use your personal information beyond the range of legal business purpose defined under the law.

We never sell, disclose, or share personal information collected from you or your customer to a company for promotion and sales of our product and service.

The only occasion we hold right to share your personal information is when we need to guarantee implementation of our service which holds the right to share your personal information with cooperating third party in order to provide the service.
Examples of those third parties are courier service, insurance company, and payment agent, and for example, contact information and address of customer may be shared with courier service or carrier in order to deliver the shipment.


User’s personal information security is very important issue for SHIPGATE. SHIPGATE will make its best efforts to protect all personal information against any unauthorized access.

SHIPGATE follows generally recognized defact standard when SHIPGATE transmits or receives personal information and data the User submitted to The Website.

However, transmission through Internet or electronic storage is not 100% safe. Hence, although SHIPGATE makes its best efforts in protecting user’s personal information and data from unauthorized access, SHIPGATE cannot guarantee absolute security.

Technical Protection Measure for Personal Information

As password for SHIPGATE membership ID is stored and managed encrypted, only the User oneself knows it, and check and modification of personal information is only available for the User oneself who knows the password.

SHIPGATE is making its best efforts to prevent leakage of or damage on its members’ personal information caused by hacking attack or computer virus. SHIPGATE makes back-up frequently to provide against damage on personal information, uses the latest vaccine programs to prevent leakage of and damage on users’ personal information, and guarantee security in transmission of personal information on the network through encrypted communication. SHIPGATE is also making its best efforts to have every other possible technical measure to earn system securities.

Access to Personal Information and Exercise of the Rights

When you use SHIPGATE, you may update or delete personal information including user password, first and last names, company name, e-mail address, real address, phone number, and payment information.

However, use of a part of or entire service could be limited if you do that.

Personal information closed or deleted by the User or one’s legal representative is handled according to "Handling and Holding Period of Personal Information" and cannot be read or used for any purpose other than the purposes listed in that policy

If you cannot update or delete your information at account setting or have any inquiry regarding the policy, please contact SHIPGATE at

We will make reasonable efforts to handle your claim as soon as possible.

Chief Personal Information Handling Officer

Name: Yong-ju Cho