Terms of Serivce (Korea Post)

Terms of Serivce (Korea Post)

SHIPGATE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "SHIPGATE", "We", and/or "The Company") is the manager of www.shipgate.io (hereinafter "The Website"). The Website has been created to help the User (hereinafter “the User” and/or “you”) in regard to generation and management of shipment (hereinafter “Shipment”).

Your use of and access to K-Packet Service (defined below) is applied with the following terminologies. If you do not agree with all of the following, you may not use or access to the service in any means or way.

1. Service

SHIPGATE is Korea’s first shipping company which signed for K-Packet pilot project partnership with Korea Post.
The Company provides K-Packet Service as follows.

K-Packet (Regular): International postal service for shipment which weighs 2kg or less and requires receiver’s signature for the delivery, and whose shipment serial number starts with "R" (unavailable for dispatch to the United States of America, Australia, and Canada)

K-Packet (Light): International postal service which is contracted to deliver shipment without signature of receiver, for the sake of increased success rate of the initial delivery, and whose postal serial number starts with "L"

2. User’s Liability

2.1 You must comply with legal provisions and other regulations under Korea Post’s jurisdiction.

2.2 You must enter required items including addresses of sender and receiver, name of content item, and price of the content in English.

2.3 You must exactly enter standards (weight) of actual package when you register sending information.

2.4 You must write address and name of the sender on the sender section of K-Packet invoice, for works including customs clearance, damage compensation, and sending back.

3. Filing Shipment

3.1 You can file your invoice you have printed at SHIPGATE Service at the closest post office, without any separated service use contract, anytime. (If the shipment and filed invoice match, filing receipt will be given.)

3.2 As damage from defective packaging is your liability, you must securely package according to the following standards, including weight and volume designated by the post office.

3.3 Standard
- Maximum Weight for K-Packet Package: 2kg
- Maximum Volume for K-Packet Package: Length 600mm at most / Sum of length, width, and height 900mm at most
- Minimum Volume for K-Packet Package: 90mm X 140mm at least

3.4 You cannot ship items listed in Article 3.1 of www.shipgate.io/pages/use-terms.

4. Offset Disposal

4.1 Fees caused by difference between the entry in the invoice and the actual details in regard to weight, destination country, and etc. are offset.

4.2 Return fee caused by request of return or items forbidden from air shipment is offset.

4.3 K-Packet returned from the overseas because of incorrect address is returned to the sender, and returning fee should be paid by the sender.

4.4 Service fee and remaining balance is offset according to Article 6.4 of www.shipgate.io/pages/use-terms.

5. Compensation for incident and damage and customer service

5.1 If there is any loss because of damage on or loss of K-Packet sent by you, the post office will compensate the loss you have suffered according to the announcement by President of Korea Post under related legal provisions including the Universal Postal Convention.

5.2 Post office cannot submit package tracking unless provided by the destination country, compensation for damage, or other claims on K-Packet (Light) to the United States.

5.3 You should request for tracking within 6 months from the date of shipment of K-Packet (Regular) or K-Packet (Light) to destination other than the United States, to the post office, and claim compensation for damage within a year from the aforementioned date of shipment. If the claim is not submitted within those respective periods, right to claim is extinguished.

5.4 If you have purchased the shipment insurance service, SHIPGATE makes the compensation according to the insurance policy.